The intention is that this site has good accessibilty and usability, i.e. that it is easy to use, including for those using a screen reader, or who need larger text or a greater contrast between text and background, or who can’t use a mouse or keyboard etc.

Since individual requirements vary it has been decided to have default colours and text size that should suit the majority, and to leave it to you, the user, to set your requirements using your browse.

In the case of text size you can also click on the small ‘A’s in the top right corner to select different sizes.

To increase the contrast:

Firefox: select “Tools” > “options” > “Content” > “Colours” – from the ‘Fonts & Colours’ (middle) box

Selecting yellow for text and black for background will give a high contrast. If you select a black background you will also need to select light colours for the link options or you will find it difficult to read text which is links.

notes on other browsers to be added

To change the font size or type:


  1. Click on one of the small As in the top right corner. The leftmost is for the ‘normal’ (default) size; the size then increases from left to right.


  2. In Firefox: select “Tools” > “options” > “Content” > “Advanced” – from the ‘Fonts & Colours’ (middle) box – this will change other sites, not just the NorDDIS one.


The above method should work on most sites but, many sites will have been built without considering that you may wish or need to make these changes, and so not all webpages will display appropriately.