i.e. a product not yet on the site, it may be second hand or for hire.

  1. After logging in you will have a black bar at the top of the screen. Hover over the “+ New”
  2. Click on “page”
  3. You should be in “visual” mode – if you only have one row of icons in the main content box and html is at the front (top right of the icon box) then click on visual
  4. Put the product name in the “Enter title here” box
  5. Find the “Page Attributes” box – probably on the right of the main page contents (unless you move it below)
  6. In the “Page Attributes” box you need to click in white box initially showing “(no parent)”
  7. Scroll down the list which appears till you find the page that you want the link to the new page to be on and click on that name.  (The list should close and the parent page name now be shown)
  8. Find the “Product Entry” box under the main content box.
    • If it is a single line then hover at the right end of the line – a hand and a tiny arrow should appear. Click to open the box
  9. The important fields here are the “Option” and “Price”. If there is only one option you only need enter a price. If there are several e.g. different colours or sizes, then enter the specifics in the option field and the appropriate price in the same line.
  10. If all options are the same price do enter the price on each line.
  11. Enter a description of the product in the main content box (much easier to enter it here than in the little “Product Description” box)
    • Select the “paragraph” option.
    • You can use the ‘Word’ like icons to make words bold, italic, coloured etc. or to add lists or a table if appropriate, etc..
    • If you want to add subheadings select the heading level from the drop-down list by clicking the arrow by the icon box probably showing “format” or “paragraph”
    • don’t use heading 1 or 2. (heading level 1 is the site heading, heading level 2 is the page heading you’ve already entered)
    • use heading level 3 first, if you want sub-headings within that section use level 4 etc., else stick to level 3.
  12. If you want to stop before you are ready to publish the page then click on “save draft” (in the “Publish” box, near the top right of the page)
  13. If you want to check how the page will appear before you publish it then click on “preview” in the “Publish” box. (Note: this will open in a new tab)
  14. New pages will have a “new” icon to draw attention to them. For a new product in the shop you probably want this, but if you don’t then click on “Edit” by “Publish immediately” and enter a date at least 4 weeks in the past
  15. You can also set a future date if you are adding a page you have completed but don’t want to go live until some future date.
  16. When the page is ready click on “Publish”
  17. You should see the page (admin view) reload and a yellow line will appear at the top “Page published. View page.” Do click on “View page” to check that the page looks as you intended and appears in the correct place in menus.
  18. If you are stuck phone or email Teresa – tel. 823797