If you have “aids for daily living” that you no longer need we would be pleased to receive them.

Your generous donations of equipment helps us in several ways:

  • It helps the person who buys it who doesn’t have to resources to buy new.
  • The sale of second hand goods is important in funding NorDDiS and keeping our work for the disabled going.
  • You’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped others rather than having the item(s) going to landfill or cluttering up your home.

We sell all types of equipment, etc.  If you think you have items which we may be able to sell please contact us to discuss.  Each year, through your support, we are able to sell numerous items which help support our charity.

Some items, particularly large or specialist we would take details of together with contact information and pass that to anyone showing an interest.  Any arrangement is then direct between the seller and the purchaser.

Little is wasted – anything surplus to what we can sell is going to a charity called Physio Net which you can learn about on Physio Net.

We have also donated surplus items to other organisations.