We keep a variety of continence equipment in a quieter area to the back of the shop including:

  • day or night pads and protective pants,
  • covers for chair, bed and mattress
  • portable urinals
  • toilet seat raisers
  • commodes
  • wipes
  • bidet bowls
  • disposable bed pans
  • information leaflets – we now have over 40 leaflets and can photocopy any you would like.

Customers are reminded that in Dorset, used pads are disposed of in normal household waste, wrapped in newspaper or a plastic bag if heavily soiled.

Anyone unsure of what they might need is recommended to come in on Monday afternoons.  Then you can review your options with our volunteer Christine who is an ex-nurse (please phone first to make sure she is in).  We carry a small stock of free samples.

Further help

Please see details of the local Continence Clinic which provides assessment, advice, medication and management options.

Please see details of the national Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF) which provides excellent booklets and leaflets (copies of leaflets are available in the shop).

If you are leaving hospital your continence needs should be included on your Careplan before discharge, and the District Nurse will work in conjunction with the Continence Clinic to help you.