Gillingham station can be tricky for those with a mobility issue.

The station has two platforms.  Platform 1 is easy to access but platform 2 is reached via a footbridge with 29 stairs up each side, handrails, and a break part way.  During the week between 1517 and 1717 there is a risk of passengers with mobility issues getting stuck on platform 2 on the far side of the bridge.

Rail Platform

If you do arrive on the wrong platform, staff have access to CCTV to identify you but there is also a white Help Point near the foot of the stairs on platform two (see photograph) that you can use to alert staff in Southampton, who will alert Gillingham staff.  Staff at Gillingham will guide you safely across the rails at the point where the platform dips to ground level.

We have attached the timetable suggesting suitable trains which should arrive safely at platform 1.  These trains don’t change much from season to season.  We will update this information as new timetables come out. Occasionally if there is an unexpected incident trains will come in at platform 2 without warning – so it is worthwhile checking out measures in the paragraph above in case you are unlucky!

On the weekend most trains stop at platform 1 – the exceptions are early trains to Exeter at 0642 and 0811.  Staff recommend that if you wish to catch these trains you arrive 20 minutes before departure and they will guide you safely across the rails.

Click on the following link for the timetable suggestions – safe trains are circled in biro.

rail timetable 20.5.18 – 8.12.18