We sell two kinds of tap turners.

Crystal Tap Turners

  • Fit easily onto most crystal top taps
  • Spring loaded jaws grip taps firmly
  • Reduces the effort required to use the tap
  • Locks in position for safety
  • Large handles are easy to grip
  • Ideal for those with a weak or painful grip
  • Fits taps up to 60mm (2.5ins) in diameter
  • Closed length: 190mm (7.5ins)
  • Weight: 115 gms (each)

Medici Tap Turners

  • Easy fit — no need to adapt your taps
  • Handles can be pivoted or flipped to suit the location
  • Non-slip rubber strips ensure a snug fit over the tap
  • Red and Blue turners for identification of hot and cold taps
  • Red turner has embossed symbol to identify hot tap by touch
  • Can be used on almost any type or size of cross head or crystal tap