Two Handed Sock Aid

  • The unique shape of the flexible Sock Aid keeps socks on the aid until the sock is pulled all the way onto the foot.
  • The pliable trough is easy to bend.
  • The soft plastic aid rolls into the sock and creates an opening for the foot.
  • The loop handle measures 91cm (36ins) long.

Single Handed Sock Aid

  • Unique features make this the most extraordinary sock aid on the market.
  • The easy-to-use Sock-Assist lays flat on the floor, accommodates feet and calves of all sizes, has a nonstick surface and pulls the sock up the calf instead of releasing it at the ankle.
  • Its innovative design allows easy donning of socks or knee-high nylons using one or two hands with two cord handles.
  • Also works with elastic compression knee high socks or stockings.
    It’s the unusual-looking features that make this sock aid so effective.

Compression Stocking Aid

  • Made of steel with a smooth plastic coating.
  • Convenient handles greatly assist in pulling the stockings up.
  • Simply stretch the stocking over the column, insert toes and pull up with a continuous motion.
  • Stocking Aids reduce bending and increase independence whilst dressing.
  • The inside column width is 10cm (4ins).
  • Available to order.

Compression Stocking Aid with Heel Guide

  • Indented channel on the inside of the centre cone acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in perfect position while effortlessly pulling on the compression hose.
  • Extra wide cone is ideal for people with edema or larger feet.
  • Sturdy handles, 43cm (17ins) high, reduce the need for bending or stretching.
  • Handles also feature 3 grips to accommodate different heights and sizes.
  • Easy to assemble and can be taken apart for travelling.
  • Available to order.

Tights Aid

  • A one-piece flexible aid for tights, with webbing handles attached.
  • The plastic blade is shaped to hold the tights until they can be pulled up within reach.
  • Very lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Handle can be adjusted if necessary.