Easy Grip Cutlery

  • A four part set

Three Section Plate

  • Polypropylene plate divided into three sections.
  • Microwave safe. Can be sterilised to 135 degrees C.
  • Range of colours available

Knives and Forks

  • We sell foam handle and Good Grips knives and forks.
  • Good Grips® cutlery has a soft cushion grip.
  • The built up handles are made of soft latex-free material, with flexible ribbing.
  • Each stainless steel utensil has a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows the spoons and forks to bend to any angle.  You can bend them for either Left or Right handed use.
  • The rocker knife requires only minimal arm strength for cutting.
  • A special extended safety cap protects fingers.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Good Grips Spoons

  • These have a moveable head which helps if you have limited hand movement.
  • Suitable for people who now need to use their non-dominant hand.

Good Grips Souper Spoons

  • These are designed for those with tremors or hand control issues, e.g. with Alzheimers, CVA, Parkinson disease, arthritis, or neurological impairments.
  • The raised lip of the Souper Spoon is designed to prevent spills while moving the spoon from the plate to the mouth.
  • The one piece, stainless steel lip is easy to clean and fits in the mouth.
  • The Spoon has a special handle and twist in the metal shaft.
  • The total length measures 18cm (7ins).
  • Dishwasher safe.