We sell a variety of cushions for different conditions.  We recommend you come in and try them as cushion choice is highly personal.  The right cushion can make life a lot more comfortable!

Here is a broad idea of what you might need.  For back and bottom problems you would look at wedge or cutout cushions to place on the seat of the chair.  Following an operation you would compare these with ring cushions.  For trouble getting up you would look at seat raiser cushions.  Wheelchair cushions come in various thicknesses – the “egg box” type is popular to reduce pressure.  To support your neck and upper back you would opt for a V cushion behind your neck in a bed/chair.

Good cushions can be quite expensive.  We often have secondhand ones available which might suit you.  We also sell cushion covers.

Here are a few examples of our stock.

  • The Harley V Pillow is superbly comfortable and gives excellent shoulder and neck support whilst relaxing either in bed or the chair.  Pillow cover also available.
  • Harley Nodular V Cushion. This attractive cushion is ideal for a variety of situations as it is lightweight, comfortable and easily transportable.
  • Harley Proform Seat Raiser.  Standard 50 x 48 x 10cm (20 x 19 x 4 inches).  Maximum comfort and pressure relief. Bari-Care Range features temperature reactive visco elastic foam that conforms to the body, decreasing pressure and increasing comfort.
  • Harley Mattress Tilter.  This long wedge-shaped cushion can be used in two ways: At the foot of the bed to raise legs and feet,  this helps oedema, varicose veins, lower back pain and general fatigue.  At the head of the bed to relieve hiatus hernia and breathing problems.
  • Comfy Brand Cushion
  • Foam Dunlopillow